Arroz a Banda: Seafood Rice ..

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Arroz a Banda: Seafood Rice ..

Postby Alexandria » Tue Aug 21, 2018 2:05 pm

This incredible simple Mediterranean rice dish has survived over a number of centuries. Fishermen and sailors, used to share a pan while sitting on the docks of the old Brigantines, sheltered from the blazing sun by the shade of the sails ..

A banda, denotes "separately " ( and colloquially, a gang or band ) .. The rice dish is eaten first and the fish with the potatoes is the second course .. All i oli mayonnaise is served with this dish ..

Here is the traditional classic recipe:

1 Kilo of assorted fish to taste; 250 grams of each ( grouper, monkfish, scorpion or dragon fish are all traditional )
155 ml. Spanish Evoo
4 small to médium sized onions ( 300 grams )
4 small to médium sized potatoes
1.5 litres of wáter
1 1 / 2 tsps of Smoked Paprika ( pimentón )
250 grams of squid
2 cloves minced garlic
2 tomatoes, red ripe ( 100 grams )
5 to 8 threads of Saffron
410 grams of Spanish Rice ( A Banda - Arborio )

1) Clean and thoroughly rinse all your fish and shellfish.
2) Heat 60 ml. Evoo in a large earthenware or skillet and sauté the onions and the potatoes and turn to cook evenly ..
3) Now add the smoked paprika and the water, and salt to taste and cook over medium heat for approx. 30 minutes.
4) When the potatoes and onion mixture are almost ready, add the fish and turn down the heat, and cook 15 minutes approx to 20 mins. depending on type of fish and size used.
5) Heat the remaining Evoo in a 16 inch or 40 cm .. paella pan called a Pallera, a shallow metal pan, and sauté the squid add the garlic and the tomatoes ( de-skinned if you prefer) and add remainin paprika or pimentón and add 1.25 litres of broth from cooking the fish and add the saffron threads ( soak in water 1st for 12 minutes in a shot glass ) with the water.
6) Now, add the rice and spread it out evenly and let it cook to tender.
7) Taste a few rice grains for texture preferred ..
8) Remove bones from the fish and serve with the all i oli .. ( serve separately from the rice as we do .. but this is up to the preparer ) ..

All i oli:

2 or 3 cloves minced garlic
1 egg yolk
250 ml. Spanish Evoo
salt to taste
a tiny drizzle of a fresh lemon

Whisk until creamy and thick ! Prepare in a glass bowl ..

This pairs perfectly with a Penedès appellation White Wine or a Sparkling Cava ..
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