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This independent search facility has been designed to search the thread topics on the BBC's popular Food forums. It is updated monthly and accesses over 75,000 thread topics, with over 1,250,000 posts.

Sakkarin's Search Engine is updated once a month.
If are in a hurry to find something more recent, to list the latest 200 threads on the Board (rather than just the 20 that are normally displayed) click the following link, then use the "find" function in your browser.

Latest 200 posts, St James Martin's Food Q&A board

Inserting quotes in posts

Message 44 - posted by John Doe-ry(U1159267) , 4 Hours Ago
To add something like this:
How about a nice cup of tea?
Type this: <quote>How about a nice cup of tea?</quote> .

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Don't forget to search for misspellings too... searching for "icecream" will get you a few more ICE CREAM threads.  More...

Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy (h2g2)

Managing your old discussions

The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy website
is linked to the BBC forums. If you sign up to it (free), your page on the Hitchhikers' site will have a list of all your discussions on it. You can use this page to remove discussions you are no longer interested in, and apparently the list is complete, whereas your BBC list of discussions, threads disappear off the end as you enter new ones when you hit your limit.  More...

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Searching threads more quickly Tip from Paulthebread:
"I'd like to see a mention on your site that adding ?show=200 at the end of any board or thread URL will give 200 posts on one page instead of 20. When I want to look through a long thread I go to the last post, then hit 'First'. I then add a zero to the '20' at the end of the URL in the address bar to get 200 posts on one page. Then I use the CTL F function to find what I'm looking for. "

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