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Re: Remarkable Places to Eat

Postby Binky » Thu Apr 01, 2021 9:01 pm

I used to buy tubs of curd cheese from Waitrose back in the late '80s early '90s when I lived in Kent. Made lots of curd tarts in those days.

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Re: Remarkable Places to Eat

Postby Stokey Sue » Thu Apr 01, 2021 9:28 pm

WWordsworth wrote:I'm sure I have bought curd cheese in a supermarket but not in the last couple of decades.
That would mean I was living in Sheffield, Leeds or Liverpool.

I'm also pretty sure I bought it to make a curd tart, and it included currants and lemon zest.

But I might be mistaken.

You used to be able to buy "curd cheese" at every branch of Sainsbury and Waitrose, I used to buy it to make a London Jewish style cheesecake
It had less fat and more flavour than Philadelphia style cream cheese and I used it quite a lot in dips etc
I also used it to make an Elizabeth David curd tart recipe; it was quite rich and creamy though

But i don't think it's the same as the curds used for a Yorkshire curd tart, which is shown on the link below, which is more like junket, and not sold in supermarkets or in home cooking amounts, someone who lives very close to Longley Farm told me he can't get it locally - you will see that it is less than 1% fat, so not like curd cheese

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Re: Remarkable Places to Eat

Postby herbidacious » Fri Apr 02, 2021 11:59 pm

No, Yorkshire curd tart uses curds, hence my comment about it being a bit of a faff to make. Not difficult though. On balance I'd rather buy a good one (but a bit tricky in London :) ).

https://traditional-yorkshire-recipes.i ... urd-tarts/

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Re: Remarkable Places to Eat

Postby herbidacious » Sat Apr 03, 2021 12:02 am

I might have to make Yorkshire savoury pudding...


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