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Re: Salt.

Postby Stokey Sue » Wed Jan 06, 2021 6:59 pm

ZeroCook wrote:Stokey Sue wrote:
once salt is solid, crystalline, it’s nearly 100% salts with just a tiny trace of water, but they are all equally salty.

Simple rule of chemistry - if anything is in crystal form it’s pretty close to pure, that includes pink salt and brown sugar

True but surely only to a certain extent otherwise brown/raw sugar would taste the same as refined white for e.g.?

A certain extent is the difference between 95-99% pure and 100% pure - never let anyone tell you there's a significant nutritional difference between white and brown sugar, sure brown sugar contains traces of e.g. iron but you'd have to eat pretty much a truck load to get enough iron to be an good to you. Most of the flavour of, for example, muscovado sugar comes from traces of molasses clinging to the surface of the sugar crystals - which is why it's so sticky. Drier brown sugars are closer to pure sugar


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