Ocado/M&S online deliveries

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Re: Ocado/M&S online deliveries

Postby Earthmaiden » Wed Sep 16, 2020 11:38 pm

Herbi, I know you're working from home but if there's any way you can get to supermarkets in the early afternoon mid-week I find that they are much quieter round here and therefore feel safer.

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Re: Ocado/M&S online deliveries

Postby northleedsbhoy » Thu Sep 17, 2020 12:17 am

I had never bought anything online before the virus because I like to look and try on clothes before I buy but needs must......

I have started getting groceries online and I get them from Sainsbury’s and in the main I’ve found them quite good and reasonable delivery charge, I’ve never paid more than £2 and the last 3 deliveries were only 50p, all deliveries have been between 11.00 and 2.00.

I’ve had a few substitutions and so far I’ve been happy with those and if an item was more expensive I’ve been given a voucher for the difference which I deduct from my next order.

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Re: Ocado/M&S online deliveries

Postby Badger's Mate » Thu Sep 17, 2020 12:20 am

Oh well, the Ocado order turned up on time, exactly as per the receipt. There was one thing unavailable and one other sensible substitution.

There were one or two things we buy from M&S (thanks to Amyw for the recommendation of pickled red onions), some branded items we like, other things that had been unobtainable elsewhere, plus some stuff I just fancied trying.

They seem to me to charge a similar amount to the other supermarkets for branded goods but of course Tesco & Sainsbury will have own brand versions for considerably lower prices.

I think we'll keep ordering stuff online, mostly from Tesco & Sainsbury, but use Ocado for occasional treats. There are things we buy from Waitrose and Asda, we might give Waitrose another go one day, or just pop into their shops when appropriate.

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Re: Ocado/M&S online deliveries

Postby Pampy » Thu Sep 17, 2020 12:32 am

Everyone's experience of the various online grocery retailers will differ, I'm sure.
Sainsbury's has had 3 chances with me - each time they sent out of date food - I know the order came from a supermarket rather than a "fulfilment centre" and I think they were trying to reduce their wastage (and hence maintain profit margins) by getting rid of out of date stuff on online customers. (Have never seen a £60 minimum shop for Sainsbury's - has always been £40 where I live.)
I've had 1 delivery and 1 click & collect from Asda - click & collect had a lot of short dated items (probably for the same reason as Sainsbugs) and the delivery had quite a number of odd subs.
Tesco pickers and packers are dreadful - and when I see young boys/men/girls picking orders in the store, I can see why - most have probably never shopped for themselves and certainly aren't expending much brain power while they grab things from the shelves.
Waitrose used to be good but the 1 order I've had during lockdown had a number of fresh items that didn't last as long as they should.
Abel & Cole - ditto W'rose
Ocado - pre-Covid, I always rated them very highly but during lockdown, freshness seems to have reduced on some items. It's always been the best as far as subs. are concerned - I've rarely had any.
Morrisons - never tried them.
I'm now doing the majority of my shopping myself, in Booth's - they have the very best safety measures in place and I've not come across a customer that hasn't respected all of the safety guidelines. It's more expensive to shop there but the food is excellent quality and they stock quite a number of harder to get items. I bought some potatoes today that had been harvested in the early hours of this morning - they were wonderful!

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Re: Ocado/M&S online deliveries

Postby Seatallan » Fri Sep 18, 2020 10:44 am

Pampy, I love Booths. Our local one is fantastic. As you say, it is a little more expensive but the quality is spot on (and they source locally). Easily the best supermarket in my opinion.
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Re: Ocado/M&S online deliveries

Postby OneMoreCheekyOne » Fri Sep 18, 2020 11:04 am

Booths is easily the best supermarket! Ours is 20 minutes drive away unfortunately so I only get to go in once a month or so when we’re passing that way.

I’ve not tried M&S/Ocado yet. We use Tesco and Sainsbury’s deliveries occasionally and they’re mostly ok.

I’ve found Abel and Cole has gone down hill over this last 6 months or so, there seems less in the box and I’m not convinced it’s as good. We tried a local veg box scheme which charges £4 less per box and has quite a bit more in it. They also include free extra seasonal foraged extras when they can. I might use them most weeks and Abel and Cole once a month as we like the butter and yoghurts and one or two other items from there.

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Re: Ocado/M&S online deliveries

Postby herbidacious » Fri Sep 18, 2020 11:06 am

It's interesting you had the same experience as me with Waitrose, Pampy. I did wonder if maybe the van's fridge had broken down the first time. Last time I tried to get an earlier delivery so I knew that stuff hadn’t been travelling all day.

EM I do try to go to the supermarket mid-week in the afternoon, but am dependent on husband to take me.

He has been going quite a lot for wine... :? :o ! I do keep saying we he shouldn't keep going but plan ahead. I suspect he is doing it partly for a break from work - he is pretty much doing 14 hour days at the moment. At least the infection rate in these parts is pretty low, according to the Guardian by bor-ough map. But, as I have said before, shoppers are not careful with social distancing or masks.

We will need to go over the weekend. We intend to take a box of food up north with us. My mother might want some bits too but I am determined not to do a shop for her in Sheffield. We just won't have time.... she would happily let us use what little time we have to visit her doing this though :( (Not to mention gardening and other stuff round the house.)

I was sent a feedback questionnaire from Waitrose. I shall enjoy filling it in :twisted:

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Re: Ocado/M&S online deliveries

Postby Pampy » Fri Sep 18, 2020 2:18 pm

The locally sourced food from Booth's is another reason that I like it. I think all the veg and salad, and a lot of the fruit that I bought on Wednesday was produced in Lancashire. I live a good 30 minutes drive away from my nearest store but as I'm not time-poor, that isn't a problem for me. Might be a bit less pleasant in bad weather but still worth the journey, I think.


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