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Re: Farms not Factories ...

Postby Pampy » Sat Sep 12, 2020 12:35 am

Commercial apple storage is dependent on more than just temperature control - oxygen, carbon dioxide and humidity are also very carefully controlled. The optimum combination of temperature and gases is different for different types of apple. I think the oxygen level is significantly reduced and carbon dioxide is increased. It's akin to putting the apples in hibernation.

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Re: Farms not Factories ...

Postby Suffs » Sat Sep 12, 2020 7:23 am

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Re: Farms not Factories ...

Postby Busybee » Sat Sep 12, 2020 9:06 am

Suffs wrote:Wholistic dairy farming ... -1-6833358

Or just going back to a more traditional way of farming?

Interesting that they have closed jersey cows a local farm that also has jersey cows has gone from strength to strength - it’s probably more we’ll known now for its ice cream.



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