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Re: Beverages

Postby KeenCook2 » Sun Jan 31, 2021 3:53 pm

OH is still very partial to a citron pressé, EM, should we ever find ourselves in France again!

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Re: Beverages

Postby Stokey Sue » Sun Jan 31, 2021 6:24 pm

As Earthmaiden says, it should be pressé, as in the French citron pressé, which does literally mean squeezed lemon but in France implies a drink made by adding water, usually sparkling, and usually ice and sugar to taste

I think it's quite regional, only at all common on the Mediterranean coast where lemons do grow, I've certainly drunk a fair few - it's much the same as the Neapolitan spremuta. I think it has been largely replaced by the commercial versions such as Oransoda, Limonsoda, Orangina and San Pellegrino

For some reason it's used for posh pops that aren't even juice based, for example elderflower pressé


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